Are You Feeling A Lack of Abundance?


During the Christmas Season, you may be noticing the feeling of a lack of money or success.  Maybe there is a feeling of being downtrodden with the economy.  As I ponder on gratitude, I realize that for many years I had certain beliefs that I believe many people may also be experiencing.  The great thing about paying attention to our thoughts is we can recognize these beliefs and change them.  This will create a shift in our relationship with money.

Here are a few of the beliefs that we may be holding:

1. Lack of money mentality.  We have been brought up with the belief that there is never enough money.  Do any of these beliefs sound familiar:  I can’t afford that.  How am I going to pay these bills?  Why don’t I have enough money to do what I want?  I never have enough money.  We don’t have any money.

2. Complaining about each expense.  Do we oftentimes find ourselves complaining about each expense as it comes in?  We may not say it aloud, but we may be thinking: oh man, why do I have to pay that?  Some other examples of thoughts we may be creating: Why is gas so expensive?  Not rent again.  I wish I didn’t have to pay this.  I hate it when all of my hard earned money goes to this bill.

3. Greed.  Do we get caught up in ourselves and what we want and need and find ourselves compromising to get what we feel we are “entitled” to?  Is our mentality only what’s in it for us?  Are we finding ourselves having a hard time parting with money and not using it to give back?

Ponder on these thoughts and see what thoughts are coming up about money and abundance.  Pay attention as you interact with money and see if you notice any of these beliefs coming up.  Remember not to get down on yourself for these beliefs, but recognize them and realize you are ready to shift them to create more abundance.

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Look At Your Life Because It Is A Reflection of Your Beliefs

What we are experiencing right now, started with our thoughts and beliefs.  If you are always experiencing the lack of money, then we must look at our beliefs to shift our experience with money.  By changing these beliefs, we open our heart to the abundance that God wants us to experience.

Now I am going to explain the quality of money.  For many years, money has been misused.  It has been used in greed and selfish ways.  It has been used in ingratitude.  Money is tired of being used this way.  That is why we are seeing all the economic collapses.  It is tired of being misused and wants to be honored in its true form of gratitude.

Money is really a form of gratitude.  Every time we give it to someone, we are thanking them for their service or product we are receiving.  Whenever someone is paying us, they are essentially thanking us for our services or product we provide.  What if each time we paid for groceries we thought about money as a form of thanking the store for our groceries.

“As you become aware of how rich life is with blessings, your attitude toward life shifts.  Simple gratitude tells the Universe that you appreciate life’s gifts and are open to receive more gifts.  It shifts your energies from an attitude of lack to an attitude of receptivity and thanksgiving.  Learn to see the Divine givingness at work in your life.”  The Heart of Abundance by Candy Paull

Today I want to offer the Abundance Challenge.  Please share this challenge with your family and friends as well because it will help to raise the gratitude energy in our homes and in our communities and we will see an amazing transformation take place.


The Challenge

The Abundance Challenge is simple but powerful.  The key to this challenge is to first, recognize the old belief and then decide to choose the new belief of Gratitude.  Then experience the feeling of gratitude, and I mean really feel it in your heart.  Here are some ideas that will help you to experience this new belief of gratitude.

Every time you pay a bill write thank you on the bill and really feel in your heart the gratitude for that service or product provided.  If you are paying with a card and can’t write it, just say thank you inside and really feel the gratitude.  For example, feel the gratitude the next time you pay that gas bill and feel how grateful you are that they provided gas so you could have a warm home.

Every time you transact with a customer or client, thank them and feel the gratitude in your heart that they are using your services.

Every time you find yourself complaining about a bill, shift it and realize how grateful you are that the company provided the service for you.

Every time you feel a lack of money, shift it to gratitude for the abundance you do have. (I am grateful I had enough money to put gas in my vehicle or fix the heater, etc.)

Make a gratitude wall or book where anyone can write what they are thankful for.  Invite others to add their gratitude to the wall or book.

Find a way to give back; after all, we have plenty of abundance to share.

I hope you will take on this gratitude challenge and see all the abundance we all have that we may not be recognizing.  I can’t wait to hear your stories of what happened when you took on the Abundance challenge so please share them with me.



    I loved your thoughts. I’ve thought some of these things randomly but I am thankful you put it all together in one place 🙂 🙂

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